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Bed bugs were common in the U.S. before World War II and became rare after widespread use of the pesticide DDT began in the 1940s and 1950s. They remained prevalent in other areas of the world and, in recent years, have been increasingly observed again in the U.S. Increases in immigration and travel from the developing world...


Cockroaches can enter your home in many different ways, from the outside through cracks and crevices, vents, sewer and drain pipes. We even bring them in on products like grocery bags, boxes, purses and on our person! Your home is an ideal breeding ground most species of cockroaches. With plenty of food, warmth, water and nesting sites...


The house mouse, Mus musculus, is one of the most troublesome and costly rodents in the United States. House mice thrive under a variety of conditions; they are found in and around homes and commercial structures as well as in open fields and on agricultural land. House mice consume and contaminate food meant for humans, pets, livestock...

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Pest Control in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Statlen Island, Bronx, Queens, New Jersey and everywhere in the tri-state area

Rats are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in the United States. They eat and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. Rats live and thrive in a wide variety of climates and conditions and are often found in and around homes and other buildings, on farms, and in gardens and open fields.

We Remove:

  • Rats in Hospitals Exterminator
  • Rats in Restaurants Exterminator
  • Rats in Bars Exterminator
  • Rats in Movie Theaters Exterminator
  • Rats in Hotels Exterminator
  • Rats in Day Cares Exterminator
  • Rats in Motels Exterminator
  • Rats in Schools Exterminator
  • Rats in Churches Exterminator
  • Rats in Offices Exterminator
  • Rats in Clinics Exterminator
  • Rats in Apartments Exterminator

We Remove:
  • Rats in New York City
  • Rats in Manhattan
  • Rats in Bronx
  • Rats in Brooklyn
  • Rats in Queens
  • Rats in Staten Island
  • Rats in Long Island
  • Rats in Nassau County

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